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Before you engage with a service or product, a thorough reading of a company’s business policy is essential. Transparent policies provide clarity regarding the agreement between a customer and a service provider or company, preventing potential misunderstanding. At FirstFareSearch, a premier travel portal, we strongly recommend that you review our privacy policy. We appreciate your decision to conduct business with us and encourage you to use our website in adherence to our usage guidelines. By doing so, your information will be securely shared. Our policies also clarify your responsibilities when using our website. As such, we highly suggest that you familiarize yourself with our policies before utilizing any of our products or services available on our website. Should you disagree with any points below, we advise you to immediately cease usage of our website. Otherwise, your continued usage indicates your acceptance of our company policies. 

Our Data Collection Process 

Our business and service development are primarily driven by data, which is an invaluable and collective resource of information. To continually improve our services and offerings, it’s necessary for us to collect and manage your data, which we assure is done in a secure manner for consumer protection. This data collection includes information like your name, date of birth, and gender, accessed during website visits or when you register as a user on our website. 

Intellectual Property on Our Website 

Our website comprises of top-notch content, images, logos, symbols, and other forms of intellectual property protected under copyright laws. Therefore, it’s essential you refrain from repurposing any published content and information for commercial enterprises without permission. Violation of this guideline may result in compensation for any damages incurred to our reputation. 

Assurance of Secure Data Handling 

Your data’s safety is our primary concern. We employ various security measures to prevent leakage and misuse. Your provided information is securely stored within our multilayered database system and is only accessible by authorized officials following multi-level verification processes. 

Policy Updates Without Prior Notification 

We strive to refrain from sharing your information with third parties. However, if requested by law enforcement agencies, we may need to release your data with them. In such instances, we will not bear any responsibility. 

Changes in Pricing Based on Industry Trends 

The pricing of our services and products largely hinges on market trends. Therefore, you may end up paying more or less than the price indicated on the website at the time of booking. 

Usage of Your Information for Promotional Purposes 

While we ensure your personal data remains confidential, we reserve the right to use it for promotional and advertising campaigns. We advise you not to seek compensation for the same. 

For your understanding and compliance, the above points have been simplified. We highly recommend reviewing these points before making any decision regarding the use of our website.