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Welcome to our travel ticketing website, (“the Site”). The terms and conditions you find here (the “Terms of Use”) tell you how to use our site, and it’s essential that you understand and agree to them before utilizing our services such as checking out travel fares or signing up to our emails. If these terms don’t sit well with you, we respectfully ask that you don’t use our site. The Site and its services aim to provide a secure and user-friendly experience for its users, particularly those based in the USA. 

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with these Terms of Use. They outline what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. Should you not agree with these terms in their entirety, we kindly request that you refrain from using this Site. 

User Data; Consent to Contact 

Interacting with our Site might involve you sharing some personal information (“User Data”) with us. User Data is what you provide when asking for price quotes. Our Privacy Policy, which is referenced here and integral to these terms, outlines how we collect and use your data. Please read this policy carefully before handing over any personal information. We want you to know that the accuracy and content of this User Data lies squarely on your shoulders. 

We reserve the right to remove or refuse any User Data if it is against these Terms of Use or if we consider it inappropriate or unlawful. Also further understand that as soon as you share any contact information with us through the Site, you’ll start receiving communications from us. This may include newsletters, promotional emails, or automated calls. We might contact you to bring you offers or news we think you’ll appreciate. 

Exclusive Ownership of Rights 

The Site and any software connected to it contain proprietary and confidential information protected under intellectual property laws. Materials and information on the Site are kept under copyrights, trademarks, and other exclusive rights. We request you to respect these rights, you must not sell, distribute, or create derivative works based on the Site unless permitted by law or expressly authorizes by us. Commercial exploitation of the Site is strictly prohibited. 

We give you a non-transferable, non-exclusive permission to use the Site on your personal internet device as long as you maintain the integrity of the Site, its software and data. This means you can’t copy, distribute or exploit any content from the Site, nor reverse engineer the Site’s software. You also promise not to modify the Site in any way or to use modified versions of the Site. We do not provide any user license or authorization to use our or our partners’ names, marks, or logos without separate written agreement. 

If you send us any feedback or ideas, they become our exclusive property. We own all rights to these materials allowing us to use, publish, and spread them without any restrictions or obligations to compensate or acknowledge you.

Content Guidelines 

You’re part of our travel ticketing site family, so your posts and interactions play a vital role in creating an open, welcoming environment. To maintain that, we ask you to avoid posting things that: 

  • Are harmful, threatening, or disrespectful.
  • Promote violence, discrimination or illegal activities.
  • Infringe someone else’s copyrights, trademarks, or other rights.
  • Present false information, mimic others, or mislead.
  • Imply we endorse your views, when we haven’t.

Liability Limitation 

We do all we can to ensure you have a great time while using our site. However, legally there are some damages we’re unable to guarantee against. If we can’t prevent such damages, we offer: 

  • For products: replacement or equivalent products, or paying for the cost of the same.
  • For services: re-issuing the services or covering the cost to have them supplied again.

External Links 

Our site includes links to other websites just to make your life easier. We don’t vouch for these sites and aren’t responsible for their content, products, or services. Please check their privacy policies before you dive in. 

Updates to the Terms 

Our Terms of Use might change occasionally. Once we post the changes, they will apply. If you keep using our site, it means you’re okay with these updates. 

Governing Laws 

Our site operates under the Kansas law. If any part of these terms isn’t valid, the rest will still apply. If you’re accessing our site from elsewhere, make sure you follow your local laws. If any issues arise related to our site, they should be addressed in Kansas’ courts within a year, otherwise, they’d be permanently dismissed.

Safeguarding Your Personal Information

We place high importance on your privacy. As detailed in our ‘Privacy Policy’, we won’t disclose your personal information unless required by law or to help with your travel plans. Sometimes, we and our partners need to share your info with relevant parties. We may also pass on analytics and user stats to third parties, which is standard practice in our industry. 

Website and Service Disclaimers

Our site and its materials are provided ‘as is’, free of charge. We make no promises about the site’s perfection, currentness, or respect for other’s rights. While we’ve taken measures to guard your data, we can’t always guarantee its safety due to the nature of internet threats. 

If you cannot access our site or experience issues with its functionality, we promise to refund whatever you’ve paid for our services. As your travel agent, we work with third parties to provide you with various travel products and services. Therefore, your legal responsibilities regarding these services are with their providers, and not us, making us free from liability concerning their failures. 

Maintaining Confidentiality

Our website is one way to reach us, but we also have other methods available. Except for making travel arrangements, we don’t typically deal with sensitive information. If you’re concerned about information security, you can choose other ways (like mail or email) to send it to us. If you send us ideas or suggestions, we have the right to use this information unrestricted, even if you mark it as confidential or proprietary. 

General Provisions

If any of these terms are deemed unenforceable, the remaining terms will still apply. The headings used in these terms are just for reference. Us not acting upon a terms violation doesn’t mean we waive the right to act on future violations. For this Agreement, ‘website’ includes any email communications or content we provide to you through this site.