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This is to detail the Singapore Airlines change flight policy to mitigate passengers’ pain significantly. The flag carrier of Singapore allows visitors to change the itinerary at any point of time before departure. One should take a snapshot of the policy to make the ticket change process fun and joyous. Also, travelers can find immediate assistance at the Customer Service Number +1 800 555 5673.

About Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines came into existence as Malayan Airways in 1947. The flag carrier of the nation is considered for delivering outstanding air travel services to customers. With a hub station at Singapore Changi Airport, the airline serves flyers across numerous domestic and international destinations. In the fleet, it incorporates around 120 aircraft, including Boeing and Airbus planes. Moreover, Singapore Airlines became a member of Star Alliance in 2000.

Navigating the Singapore Airlines Flight Change Policy

The Singapore-based aviation company Singapore Airlines has already been honored with scads of rewards and recognition for delivering world-class travel facilities. Skytrax has declared it the world’s best airline. Moreover, the Travel & Leisure magazine also has appraised the carrier for several years.

As far as the Singapore Airlines booking change policy is concerned, it is quite convenient to process and execute. Visitors are simply allowed to make alternations to the reservation without facing any discomfort. Thus, enthusiasts need to follow various guidelines and terms before commencing with the affair. Underneath are crucial highlights of the development –

  • A visitor can change the Singapore Airlines flight free of cost within the first 24 hours of booking. Provided the ticket must be purchased at least 7 days prior to the departure date.
  • In case a customer fails to change the trip details within the free time slot, he/she has to pay a certain fee.
  • Further, you will have to pay the fare difference if your new flight is costlier than the previous one.
  • Likewise, Singapore Airlines will reimburse the remaining amount when the new flight is cheaper than the previous one.
  • Aspirants can approach the customer support center for canceling an individual ticket from the group booking.
  • According to the policy, you can change the seat, name, meal, and destination, etc.

Singapore Airlines Flight Change Fee

In the booking change fee setting, Singapore Airlines proposes the following parameters:

  • The SilkAir flight tickets can be modified by paying US$25 as a change fee.
  • You’ll pay around US$50 (via the source of booking) for amending partner airlines tickets.
  • Similarly, the Award change fee is US$75 per ticket.
  • It would be US$30 for destination change.
  • Solitaire PPS Club, PPS Club, and Elite Gold members don’t need to pay any fee for making changes.
  • Further, Economy and Premium Economy Class ticket holders will pay US$100 and US$200, respectively as a No-Show fee.
  • First Class and Business Class passengers will bear US$300 as a No-Show fee.

How to Change the Flight with Singapore Airlines?

Well, the Singapore carrier enlists multiple methods for visitors to change the reservation. One can decide to entertain either online or offline procedures for the same. Check out the details.

Singapore Airlines Change Flight Online

  • Get through the official website –
  • Now, click on the ‘Manage Booking’ tab on the homepage.
  • Enter the 6-digit booking number and the last name before hitting the ‘Manage Booking’ button.
  • The next page will showcase the list of bookings along with other valuable options to choose from.
  • Further, select the appropriate flight and make the required changes.
  • Process the applicable fee to finalize the change process.
  • In the end, you’ll receive a confirmation mail from the airline.

Singapore Airlines Change Flight Offline

People who aren’t comfortable with internet technologies can opt for traditional methods. Under this atmosphere, they’ll have the following alternatives –

  • Visiting the Airport Ticket Center
  • Dialing the Customer Helpdesk Number (+1 800 555 5673)

Singapore Airlines Booking Change Policy – FAQs

Can I change the itinerary with Singapore Airlines on the booking day?

Customers can change the Singapore Airlines flight on the reservation day for free.

How to change the Singapore Airlines flight online?

You can visit the official website or mobile app for online changes.

Is it possible to change the flight date with Singapore Airlines?

Yes. The Singapore Airlines change policy allows you to change the flight date, time, destination, and other details.


Customer-friendly policies and flexible rules are some of the key qualities of Singapore Airlines. It shows a polite approach while assisting passengers with flight change/cancel services. Anyone can cancel the reservation without any issue by following the Singapore Airlines cancellation policy. Find in-depth details at 888-974-1691 (toll-free).

The flag carrier of Singapore operates business operations from Singapore Changi Airport. Founded around 74 years back in 1947 as Malayan Airways, Singapore Airlines is one of the best and noteworthy carriers of the country – as ranked by Skytrax. Additionally, it also has been the top-notch airline as marked by Travel & Leisure. The Star Alliance member airline hosts more than 150 aircraft in the fleet to serve visitors across domestic and international places.

Emergencies Encourage Flight Cancellations

Several times, we face unexpected moments in real life. The aviation industry isn’t beyond the radius of this universal truth as well and witnesses unlimited unforeseen events. Sometimes, people book the ticket but are unable to board the flight for any specific (more precisely, unavoidable) reason. We can’t deny the possibility of death in the family, passport theft, legal orders, bad weather, and poor health, etc. Being helpless before these incidents, a visitor stays with no option but to cancel the itinerary, eventually.

About Singapore Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy

Having no other alternative except for canceling the Singapore Airlines reservation? Thankfully, tickets can be cancelled without obtaining a hazard. The Singapore-based aviation company is widely famous for serving clients with superior travel experiences. It designs flexible policies by taking the comfort of visitors as the prime concentration.

Investigating the Singapore Airlines cancellation policy reflects the carrier’s tendency to facilitate travelers with the most convenient settings possible.Cancelling the confirmed ticket isn’t a joyful affair but the airline strives to ensure individuals undergo full comfortability during this annoying situation. The cancellation policy includes the following key features for visitors –

  • Singapore Airlines visitors are allowed to abolish the trip plan as per the policy under question.
  • You can cancel the ticket the same way you obtained it. For instance, it can be canceled online if purchased online.
  • Similarly, you need to approach the third-party ticket agent for cancellations if it is purchased with them.
  • Visitors can cancel the booking within 24 hours after the purchase to save the fee, regardless of fare type.
  • Unfortunately, cancelling the ticket beyond the risk-free period will hit your pocket.
  • Canceling the refundable ticket with Singapore Airlines allows you to apply for a full refund. Non-refundable tickets can only get you the taxes back upon cancellation.
  • Significantly, clients don’t need to pay a single penny for cancelling the ticket due to an emergency.
  • Moreover, Singapore Airlines tickets can be cancelled online, at the airport, or via the helpline number.

Singapore Airlines Ticket Cancellation Fee

Definitely, there’s a service fee for cancelling the Singapore Airlines reservation. Well, several factors exist to impact the penalty amount, including the ticket type, destination, and time of cancellation, etc. As we know, clients also have the provision of terminating the booking for free i.e. the 24-hour relaxation period. To acquire more insights into the fee policy, one should visit the official website or dial toll-free +1 800 555 5673.

Singapore Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

As per this policy, Singapore Airlines passengers enjoy the right of cancelling the flight free of cost. Provided they cancel the booking within the first 24 hours after the reservation. Further, it applies to all visitors, regardless of fare type and destination. The company initiates the full refund amount to the concerned person’s original account within 7-10 business days.

Best Ways to Cancel the Singapore Airlines Flight

The concerned carrier recommends a plethora of methods to cancel the ticket. It is up to the customers’ interest to choose one. Let’s have a glimpse of all.

Singapore Airlines Cancel Flight Online

  • To start, make sure to land the official website –
  • Click on the ‘Manage Booking’ tab available on the homepage.
  • Now, provide your unique booking number and last name.
  • Hit the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Cancel the required flight and pay the applicable fee.
  • Here, you can also raise the refund request if eligible.
  • In the end, receive a confirmation mail from Singapore Airlines upon successful flight cancellations.

Singapore Airlines Cancel Flight at the Airport

Head towards the nearest airport ticket counter to cancel the ticket if it is purchased at the same station. Support your case by submitting a legal document, if any.

Singapore Airlines Cancel Flight via Phone Call

Need more comfort? Choose to cancel the flight via the Customer Helpline Number. Simply dial toll-free +1 800 555 5673 and share your issue with executives to get the process done on your behalf.

FAQs on Singapore Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Can I get a full refund for cancelling the Singapore Airlines ticket?

You can collect the full refund upon cancelling the booking within 24 hours of the reservation.

How to cancel the Singapore Airlines ticket?

It can be achieved through multiple mediums, including the website, airport ticket counter, and helpdesk number.

Does Singapore Airlines offer a full refund for non-refundable tickets?

No, visitors get only the tax amount as a refund in case of non-refundable ticket cancellations.

How is First Fare Search Useful for Air Commuters?

First Fare Search could be your true pal while scheduling an air trip. It aids commuters with comprehensive knowledge and insights about the aviation sector to ensure you enjoy a wonderful and stress-free exposure. Hence, getting in touch with industry experts can yield you awesome perks and amenities, including discounted fare deals and much more. Dial +1 800 555 5673 to learn more about the Singapore Airlines flight cancellation policy.

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